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For most of us in the Western world, we place the study of human health on a pedestal: we blindly trust our well-meaning doctors and healthcare professionals, we buy into the science-backed diets and fads, and even click on well-crafted social media affiliate links that take us to purchase fit teas, nutrition programs, and touted “cure-alls.” All the while, we face unrelenting ailments — despite the prescribed pills we take and the carefully curated advice of the health and wellness gurus we follow. We “trust the science” wholeheartedly, and tell naysayers to check their facts and cite their sources, without even really knowing where our own ideas about health truly came from.


What most people fail to realize, at no fault of their own, is that our understanding of science, the human body, and health is not only corrupt and often misleading — feeding the pockets of many powerful people across the globe — but is also woefully incomplete. Though new self-help books are just beginning to pull back the veil on true healing, very few works really approach health and the human experience from a truly multi-disciplinary perspective like INNER ALCHEMY does. Combining teachings and insights from ancient philosophy, esoteric wisdom, and modern scientific thought, Dr. Nelson offers us a new take on what it means to be healthy, and even what it means to be human.

INNER ALCHEMY is the essential next read for anyone looking to understand their health and their bodies from an entirely new lens: one that examines the healthcare industry as we know it, and provides an empowering, radical new approach to reclaiming one's health. Broken down into three parts, which serve to expose the limits of scientific understanding regarding the human body, provide new insights and ideas, and offer a clear path for the future, INNER ALCHEMY is an astonishing debut self-help book designed for anyone who wants to reclaim their health once and for all.


Deeply informative, accessible, and sometimes shocking, INNER ALCHEMY will provide readers with a comprehensive no-holds-barred guide to understanding their bodies and reclaiming their health, once and for all.

Topics covered include:

  • The power of chiropractic and natural healing

  • The Religion of Science

  • Nutrition, the kundalini, energetic bodies, and holographic theory 

  • The crucial differences between an allopathic lens and a vitalistic lens

  • How we have been purposefully lead astray in the health, fitness, and medical industries

  • How education has set the stage for a lifetime of learned helplessness

  • Introduction of revolutionary new ideas like Seasonal Sloughing and guided inflammation theory

  • And more...


Both enriching and empowering, INNER ALCHEMY is one of the first-ever books to approach healing from a multidimensional and almost countercultural lens. Unlike other books that encourage readers to rely on external practices for healing, INNER ALCHEMY pulls back the curtain on where we’ve been led astray and shows readers that their greatest path to healing lies not in pill bottles or fad diets, but through a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.

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