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Dr. Nicholas Nelson graduated from his Doctorate program in Hayward, California with the academic distinction of Magna Cum Laude, as well as receiving the distinction of Clinical Honours on two separate occasions. His undergraduate education took place in his home town of Edmonton, Alberta and consisted of an eclectic mix of anthropology, biology, philosophy, psychology, and neurology, with a personal interest in cross referencing religious theology with his scientific studies.​


Dr. Nelson always embodied an attitude of thinking outside the box. He continued this pattern while attending university and graduate school by creating what he called a "parallel curriculum" which involved sampling literature from as many of the paradigm shifting sciences, such as quantum theory, string theory, holographic theory, and epigenetics, along with many diverse areas of interest such as the occult sciences, metaphysics, religion, spirituality, and esoteric knowledge, while simultaneously studying the hard sciences in his formal training in an effort to round out his studies and draw knowledge from every level of thinking he could.


Through this lens, Dr. Nelson considers the human body from many different levels and understands the uniqueness and complexity of the human experience. He decided to write Inner Alchemy because it was "the book I was looking for but couldn't find". After years of reading material in his varied areas of interest he came to the conclusion that a single book that brought them all together in an easy and accessible way had not yet been written, so it became his mission to do just that.

Inner Alchemy is a synthesis of over a decade of both formal education and the personal pursuit of trying to understand the human body, the human mind, the human soul, and our unique place in the cosmos. Dr. Nelson believes that this area of thought is still largely untapped and hopes his work will help lead many curious minds to walk the same path and further expand our collective knowledge of ourselves.

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What People Are Saying

“Though new self-help books from world-renowned authors and experts are beginning to pull back the veil on true healing, very few works approach the body from a truly multi-disciplinary perspective that incorporates teachings and insights from ancient philosophy, esoteric wisdom, and modern scientific thought like Inner Alchemy does”.

Joseline Moer

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